Property Owner Definition

Any person, party, or business using Haines Rentals© to list a property.

Services of Haines Rentals

Haines Rentals©, a product of Frozen Alaska© is a web based property posting product. It's design, purpose, and use is to connect property owners with potiential renters. Haines Rentals© and Frozen Alaska© are not a property management companies. If a person is interested in renting a property they need to contact the property owner under the property details page (unit_details.asp). Other than techinal support with, suggestions for improvement of, or billing inquiries for listing a property on, Haines Rentals© Property Owners contact with Frozen Alaska© is not a part of Haines Rentals© service.

Limitation of Liability

Your use of and browsing on this website are at your own risk. Frozen Alaska© nor any other party involved in advertising on Haines Rentals© is liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of your access to, or use of, this website. Without limiting the foregoing, everything on this site is provided to you "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. For any misleading information on this website responsibility lies on Property Owner that listed such information.

Renter Use

Any person using Haines Rentals© is considered a Renter. Use of Haines Rentals© is only to get Renter in contact with Property Owner.

  • Frozen Alaska© does not handle any money between Renters and Property Owners.
  • Frozen Alaska© does not fix, repair, or manage repairs for listed properties.
  • Frozen Alaska© does not hold keys, or codes needed for property access.
  • Frozen Alaska© does not resolve disputes.
  • Frozen Alaska© is not liable for misleading information. All property information (including pictures) is added by Property Owner.
  • Frozen Alaska© is only to be contacted by Renter if, Renter needs help using Haines Rentals©, Renters has suggestions for product improvement, or inquiries in becoming a listing Property Owner.
If Renter does feel information was misleading. Renter may contact Frozen Alaska© only for the purpose of Frozen Alaska© to investigate listing, to maintain integrity of Haines Rentals© and it's use. Not to resolve disputes.

Property Owner Use

Property Owner use of Haines Rentals© are subect to following terms:

  • Property Owner must provide accurate, non misleading information.
  • Property Owner will not rely on Frozen Alaska© to manage properties or do anything other than host information regarding property on Haines Rentals©.
  • Property Owner will not use Haines Rentals© to rent property Property Owner does not own or has been requested to manage by legal owner.
  • Property Owner will be courteous with Renter(s).